Daya 私下配售发附加股集资 达雅集团逾9亿收购船只

(吉隆坡22日讯)达雅集团 Daya Materials Bhd(DAYA,0091,主要板贸服)建议进行连串企业活动,包括收购2艘离岸海底建筑船只、私下配售、发行附加股和债券,及提升法定股本。
 该公司晚间报备,將以1亿4000万美元(约4.44亿令吉)收购SIEM DAYA 1船只;同时以同样价格收购SIEM DAYA 2,外加230万美元(约730万令吉)添购50公吨的起重机。
KUALA LUMPUR: Integrated oil and gas company Daya Materials Bhd, which plans to buy two offshore subsea construction vessels for US$280 million (RM888.2 million) in cash, will undertake three major fund raising exercises to part-finance the acquisitions.

In a filing with Bursa Malaysia today, Daya Materials said it will place out up to 25% stake and rights issue, with free warrants to raise RM230 million. 

It will also issue a seven-year redeemable convertible secured bonds of up to RM120 million.
Shares of Daya Materials have been suspended with effect from 2.30pm today, pending the announcement of the acquisitions.

Daya Materials said it had signed two memoranda of agreement with Siem Offshore Rederi AS (SORA) today, to acquire the offshore subsea construction vessels.

The two dynamic positioning class 2 (DP2) vessels, dubbed Siem Daya 1 and Siem Daya 2, will cost Daya Materials US$140 million (RM444.1 million) each.

Besides, Daya Materials will also pay an additional US$2.3 million (RM7.3 million) for a 50 metric-tonne active heave compensation 3,000 metres crane.

SORA is a Norwegian company wholly-owned by Siem Offshore Inc — a marine services provider for the offshore energy service industry.

Daya Materials said the proposed acquisitions will enable the group to own and operate the vessels, instead of chartering them from SORA.

It will also further enhance the operating cost structure of the vessels, which is expected to contribute positively to the future profitability of the group.

The acquisitions are also in line with the group’s business strategy to own operating assets to expand its range of subsea services and enhance its subsea capabilities in offshore oil and gas operations, it added.

On the proposed fund raising exercise, the group said it is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2015, whilst the proceeds to be raised are expected to be utilised within six months from the completion.

Daya Materials also highlighted that it intends to fork out US$285.5 million cash, for the acquisitions. Of that, US$117.8 million will be from the fund raising exercise, while the remaining US$167.7 million will be from financial institution’s borrowings.

The group said its earnings per share (EPS) may be diluted, as a result of the increased number of shares after the issuance of placement shares and the rights issue shares.

The acquisitions are expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2015.