Restuarants and Cafes – 餐厅用餐英语

1.Waiter, a Table for four, please.

2.There are four of us.

3.We are toghter.

4.Can we have a table by the windows?

5.Let me see the menu please.

6.Have you a set menu for lunch?

7.We do not want a complete meal.我们不要全餐。

8.We only want a snack.我们只想吃个快餐。

9.We are in hurry.

10.Please bring me the wine list.

11.What would you recommend?

12.What kind of soup have you?

13.I shall have a lamb-cutlet with peas and carrots.

14.I’ll have ham and eggs.

15.I should like to have a msuhroom omelette.

16.I shall have loin of veal with mashed potatoes.

17.The wine list hasn’t been brought here, has it?

18.Give ,e a fruit drink.

19.I’m very thirsty. I want somethings refreshing.

20.I’ll have a lemon juice .

21.Tea, Please.

22.I’d like black coffee.

23.The tea is too strong for me.

24.I shall have a simple breakfast.

25.Give me ham and egg sandwiches, please.

26.Porridge, a boiled or fried egg with bacon and marmalade, please.

27.I’d like to wash my hand before taking anything. Where’s the toilet?

28.Bil, Please.

29.Is the service charge included?

30.I’ve already paid fo the service.

31.I’m afraid there’s a mistake in the bill. Will you check it again?

32.You may keep the change.



Cold dish Egg Sweet Cream
Vegetable dish Scrambled Eggs Ices Cake
Meat dish Poached Eggs Fruit Biscuits
Salt Hors d’oueuvre Beverage Jam
Pepper Porridge Drink Marmalade
Mustard Soup Beer
Vinegar Thick Soup Wine
Oil Clear Soup Brandy
Bread Entree Liqueur
Roll Joint Mineral water
Toast Fish Lemonade
Butter Vegetable Fruit juice
Cheese Potatoes Coffee
Ham Sauce Tea
Bacon Salad Cocoa
Sausage Dessert Milk